Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Meet My Best Friend: Leah

Best Friend is very special person in your life. She is the first person you think about when you make plans. She is the first person you go to when you need someone to talk to.

I'll tell you a little bit about my best friend  - Leah Cunanan.

Meron ba kayong kilalang tao na sandali niyo lang nakilala pero nag-click kayo at naging mag-kaibigang tunay?

Ganyan ang friendship namen ni Ate Leah (34 y/o).

I met her in Sykes October 2011. We were bathmates in training. We were also with the same team when we hit the production floor.


One day, after our shift - we had our family day at La mesa Eco Park.

We're friends even after shifts.
But we parted ways too soon after 6 months. Hindi na-regular ang lola niyo! Haha... (peace)

I stayed in Sykes for another months. When I left the company, I contacted Ate Leah.

I invited them when Duz and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary and Chloe's 2nd birthday.

She was then working at Convergys in Technohub. She told me to apply there. But she also mentioned she's planning to move to Manulife.

One day, I visited her and applied in Manulife thinking that we'll be colleagues again.

I passed the one day interview and got the job offer.

Em: Ate Leah, nakapasa ako sa interview. Start na ko sa Manulife. Kelan ka lilipat?

I kept on bugging her.

She was living in Luzon Avenue in Commonwealth that time.

When I visited her, I thought I'll find a place near her house.

Malapit lang din naman kasi ang Luzon sa Technohub.

After few weeks, I found an apartment few blocks away from her house.

Naging mag-kapitbahay kame in short.

Sadly, after almost 2 months, her family moved to Paranaque because her husband got a job there.

She decided to stop working since her husband got a job and she was 3 months pregnant that time.

I was so devastated. Hindi na kame magkakatrabaho, hindi pa kame magkapitbahay.

Soon after she moved to Paranaque, we also left Luzon.

We stayed connected. We talked about her new baby. Dapat ninang ako.

She's scheduled for CS.

Leah: Ems, baka April 1 ako magpa-hiwa. Birthday ni Chloe yun diba?

So ayun, magka-birthay si Chloe at si baby Micah. Planado yan =)

At syempre ninong si Duz at ninang ako.

Her in-laws live in Cavite. Tuwing birthday ng mga babies niya, pumupunta kame dun.

Dahil nabibitin kame sa isang araw na chikahan, madalas nag-o-overnight na kame sa kanila.

Leah is an Ilocana. Ilocano din ang asawa niya. So madalas nag-uusap silang tatlo ni Duz in Ilocano.

Last week, we went to her house in Paranaque. We stayed there for 2 nights.

Last Saturday, Thanksgiving ng hipag niya dahil nakapasa sa board - pero invited pa rin kame... hehe..

So we were there from Saturday morning until Monday afternoon.

Hindi na nga kame bisita - buwista na =)

What I like about her? She's a good listener and she has a lot of sense of humor.

Tuwing nagbubuhos ako ng emosyon, nagiging magaan lahat dahil ang ending sumasakit ang tiyan ko sa kakatawa sa mga banat niya.

One more thing, there's no competition between us.

I had BFFs before pero nasira dahil sa inggit at kompetensiya.

Now, I choose people carefully. I believe, friendship is about quality not quantity.

I want deep and authentic friendship.

It's true that as we grow up, we realize it is less important to have lots of friends, and more important to have real ones. I'm blessed to have one.

My song for her: Salamat by Dawn

How about you? How did you meet your best friend?

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