Saturday, October 11, 2014

Style Guide: How to wear pearl jewelry?

Pearls from Momcy

Have you ever wondered how you can test for pearls?

1. Simply rub two pearls together. They should feel "grainy" and not totally smooth. Fake pearls are usually plastic beads covered with coating that is very smooth.

2. Bite them... slide your teeth back and forth over the pearl. Again, you will feel the grainy texture.

3. Pearls do not melt. If you set a real pearl near a flame, it will not melt. The real pearl may have some flame marks but they should be easy to remove with a cloth, just wipe it clean. 
Style Guide: How to wear pearl jewelry?
Wearing pearl jewelry the correct way will help you look sophisticated and fashionable, and less like your grandmother.

Here are some styling tips, ideas and inspirational look for wearing pearl jewelry

For trendy look create layers of pearls.

Find the perfect pearl statement necklace – let it be chunky and opulent with interesting details such as the girly bow.

Try wearing jewelry where pearls mix with beads, shells, turquoise stones or with the modern golden chain. 

Try wearing multi-layered chain pearl bracelets. 

Think outside the box! If you like wearing hair accessories choose pearled hair bands, crowns or hair clips.

Mix pearl bracelets with chunky chain bracelets, beaded bracelets or studded warp bracelets. 

Every woman should own a gorgeous pair of pearl earrings.

For our last proposal, let`s focus on gorgeous pearl rings.



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