Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Goals

Before we get to my October goals, here's how my September goals went down...

September Goals

Let go.
Last month, I let go of our apartment. It was our little haven for about a year but due to some reasons, I really had to vacate.

Have and give some space. 
For the last two weeks of September, I went to Momcy's house every other day. That gave me a little space between Duz and I. It was a nice breather for me.

Not yet. Just a little bit of it. I'll be doing more of invigorating this month.

Watch a movie. 
I've watched If I Stay in the big screen. I can't get enough of it that I listen to its soundtrack over and over again.

Celebrate with friends.
There were just two major events that happened last weekend. It was my friend's wedding where I became an instant bridesmaid together with my little flower girl - Chloe. The other party was for Duz' cousin. His relatives from the province attended and we had a mini reunion.

Strengthen my support group.
I have few friends in my workplace that I got to talk to everyday. I have my bestfriend  who checks on me every now and then though we live far from each other. I have my cell group leader who constantly inspires and encourages me. I'm glad I now know how to choose people I should trust. I'd rather have few true friends than to have many fake people in my life. Quality over quantity.

Now here's my list for my October goals.

Reconnect with God. 
I missed church for the last couple of weeks. I must devote more time to God. 

Assist Duz in establishing his career. 
I will pray for God's guidance and blessing to whatever plans He has for my husband's career. 

Have a simple party for Pretty. 
She's turning 8 this month. The girl excels academically so she deserves a (simple & DIY) party. 

Become more hands on to Chloe. 
I want to help her on her assignments, read her books, teach her to write and a lot more. I'd love to join her educational trip. I will overcome my excuses to not do activities with her. I will spend more quality time with her. 

Pay outstanding financial obligations. 
I've been reviewing my list of people I owe and scheduling repayments. My goal is to be debt-free when the new year kicks in. 

Organize my closet. 
I have 4 sacks of clothes that need to be laundered. Whew! 

I have a lot of backlogs. There are lots of things I want to share but can't find enough time to do it. There are few posts sitting in my draft for a long time and I'm planning to publish those this month. 

Try at least one or two recipes. 
I am a member of a private group of moms on Facebook. I see a lot of recipes everyday. I will try out some of them or at least one. 

Get more active in online selling. 
I really want to give more time on my small online business. Duz has few desserts that can be ordered. I have a list of direct suppliers of clothes and other stuffs. All I need is more time to upload stocks regularly. 

Watch sunset. 
I love watching the sun sets. It's romantic, inspiring and utterly beautiful. It can slow down time and help you appreciate life's gifts. 

Reward myself. 
I want to tick of something on my list. May it be a weekend roadtrip, massage, a sinful cake or simple coffee. Rewarding myself keeps me motivated and it feels good. It also serves as a reminder that hard work pays off. 

Things to Look Forward to in October:
Our batch's 3rd Anniversary 
Pretty's 8th Birthday 
Chloe's Field Trip 
Trick or Treat 

What are your goals this October? 


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