Thursday, September 4, 2014

The 5 Sweetest Details From Brangelina's Wedding

Here are the 5 sweetest moments from the Pitt-Jolie wedding, according to the cover story:
1 - The Cake and the Relaxed Reception
Pax took the lead on baking the homemade wedding cake that included frosting flowers and several layers of what looks like chocolate and vanilla.
The alfresco reception had BBQ for the kids and dessert, which included chocolate and vanilla sorbet.
2 - The Children Wrote the Vows and Chose Their Own Clothes
The couples tells People that they exchanged a few words written by their children.
"The children wrote vows and asked us to make promises to each other. It was very sweet what they came up with," Jolie said.
The kids also wore items like top hats and other festive attire that they picked out themselves.
3 - Here Comes the Bride, by Brad Pitt
Instead of hiring a full-on band or having music playing when Jolie walked down the aisle, 20 guests and Pitt himself hummed "Here Comes the Bride" when the actress walked to be with her husband.
"There was no music, so family and friends hummed," Jolie said.
4 - Jolie's Dedication to Her Late Mother
Jolie lost her mother Marcheline Bertrand to ovarian cancer in 2007, so to honor her, the bride wore "a little flower ring that was hers," she said. And her brother James "wore an angel pin from her jewelry box."
Pitt also engraved a dedication to Bertrand in the chapel where they were wed.
5 - The Guests
The 20 people in attendance included the kids, Pitt's parents, Bill and Jane, his siblings Doug and Julie, and Jolie's brother James.
Source: ABC News

I like the idea: simple and intimate. Ganyan din ang gusto ko kapag kinasal ulit kame ni Duz. Oh.. I'm dreaming....

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