Friday, September 26, 2014

14 in 2014

Updated my list... and I realized -- I'm running out of time.

14 in 2014: 
1. Start my Happiness Project 
2. Purchase or DIY Furniture for our Haven: bed and cabinets 
3. Garage Sale 
4. 2GO Ship experience 
5. Try a diet plan 
6. Backpack. 
7. Tiangge/ Online Store 
8. Attend to my medical needs: dental care, scoliosis, gallstones and hormonal imbalance (almost) 
9. New hairstyle - ombre or bleach hair color 
10. Learn more recipes that I can serve on holidays 
11. Travel solo a-la Eat, Pray and Love 
12. Start working on my Pag-ibig documents to purchase a house 
13. Be a fan. Go to a concert or gig. 
14. Volunteer or do charity works. 

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