Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How to tell if a couple is married or not?

From Gazing To Gossiping

How do you know if a couple in the restaurant are not married?


If they’re physically close, touching each other, hand to hand, eye to eye, nose to nose, bad breath to bad breath—they’re not married.

Look underneath their table, and if their legs are intertwined and they’re playing footsies together, they’re not married.

If they don’t look at anything else but each other, they’re not married.
If nuclear bombs fall right beside them and they won’t even notice, they’re not married.

If a flash flood engulfs the entire restaurant and all the guy could say was, “Sweetheart, I love the color of your eyes as it reflects the brownish floodwater around us,” you can bet your life, they’re not married.

And how do you know if a couple in a restaurant are married?


If they’re seated far apart, so far a part, a six by six truck could pass in between them, they’re married.

If they look bored, they’re married.

If the whole night, all they do is talk about other people, they’re married. The wife whispers, “Don’t look at her, but the woman behind you is wearing fake eyelashes, fake jewellery, a fake Coach bag, fake anatomical parts, and a fake husband.” Being dense, the man turns around and asks, “Where? Where?”

Once upon a time, they had eyes only for one another.

Now, they barely look at each other.

What has happened? Infatuation, the pirated version of love, disappeared. Real Love must now kick in.

But only if they have it.

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