Saturday, June 14, 2014

Filipina Maid in Dubai

I was browsing the net when I bumped into this blog. A domestic helper in Dubai blogs about her life. 

The blog description caught my attention because it's a plea to her readers. 

"My name is Sally. I [have been] living [the] past few years as housemaid in Dubai. I [am] using my ma'am's computer when she [is] not at home. My friend showed me how to use [the] blog … My ma'am [does] not know I write about my work and my life. Please do not tell her."

I read the newest post. I thought it's boring but in the middle of the article, it caught my interest.

At the end of the post, it gives readers a simple yet meaningful message.

I found an article that features her blog. It was published in 2011 - 3 years ago.

What maid this blog intriguing is the fact that Sally uses her employer's computer to blog and share her daily experiences. 

The idea behind the blog came from a conversation between Sally and her maam. "One day my maam [told] me, ‘Sally, your life [is] so interesting. You should write a book. I told Lillibeth and she show[ed] me [how to create] a blog. She said, ‘who knows? One day it [will] become a book'," says Sally.

Despite being poorly written, the blog is filled with humour and honesty.

Two things that inspire me:
  • She writes in English while I in Taglish (haha).
  • She has more entries than me. Not only that, she has more followers, more pageviews and the blog's FB page has more likes than mine.  In fairness to her, she can only blog when her employer is not around. Maintaining a blog takes a lot of effort. I'm amazed of her patience and willingness to learn all these technical stuffs.

I'm so curious how she looks like and how old she is.

Hope she blogs more often. I am now a fan :)

Check her blog (

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