Sunday, May 18, 2014

Review: Papa John's

We planned to dine at Papa John's last mother's Day because Momcy had a coupon. The coupon gives P400 discount for every P1000 worth of food and drinks. It took us awhile to finalize our order because there are meals on the menu that are not applicable for the coupon. A la carte was our only option.   

We didn't want to spend more than P1000 so my sister asked the food attendant to get the total amount before charging us. The attendant went to the POS and printed our receipt. When she went back, she showed us the receipt with a total of P1000+ including tax and service charge. My sister asked to cancel one of the drinks that we ordered, but the attendant replied with "Hindi na po pwede. Na-punch na po eh." My sister tried to ask her again in a nice manner to cancel it. The attendant insisted not to cancel the drink and brag that they have Mother's Day special gift for clients who will have a minimum purchase of P1000. Well, that's nice but we still want that drink removed from our order. In the first place, we requested for the total amount for us to decide if our orders were final. Why did she print the receipt?  She went inside the kitchen then returned to us saying "Hindi na po talaga pwede i-cancel. Nagawa na po yung order niyo." In two minutes??? Really? It made us feel disappointed. My sister asked her to cancel the drink for the third time around. She went back to the kitchen and suddenly the Supervisor came over to our table. She asked what item should be canceled. She explained to us that the total amount of our order (without tax & SC) was less than P1000. The promo mechanics stated that it should be more than P1000 (excluding tax & SC) to get the P400 discount. Ok. Now, it's getting clearer. That explanation is acceptable, unlike the first two alibis of the food attendant (na-punch na kasi at nagawa na daw yung drink). Hence, we revised our order to make sure that it's at least P1000 before the additional tax & SC. 

We liked the food. No questions.  However, we noticed that when my sister asked for a refill, the attendant brought the glass inside the kitchen. We wondered why. For other people who were asking for a refill, they refilled the glass in front of the person. 

We didn't get to finish the pizza so we had the half of it for take out. Back to the Mother's Day special gift. My mom saw the attendants handed two tote bags to one of the tables inside the restaurant. The group has two moms. Each of them received one gift package. We thought they'll come over to us next because we're done with our food and about to go. But no, they didn't approach us. We went out of the store and that's the time my mom talked to the receptionist who's standing outside door. She asked, "Pili lang ba yung binibigyan ng Mother's Day gift?" The receptionist asked her back, "Magkano po ba bill niyo?" My mom told her it's more than P1000. The girl went inside the restaurant and had a discussion with the Supervisor and other staffs. They looked like they were deliberating if we were worth the gift package. As if, they were trying to find a way not to give us their freebie. It was an awkward moment for us. Imagine, we were standing outside the restaurant waiting if they will give us what they promised to give. After few minutes, the receptionist handed one gift package to my mom. Just one. Though they know that I am also a mom. Remember, the other table received two gift packages because there were two mothers in their group? Unfair. But of course I told my mom to let it go. We're not pathetic to beg for their giveaway. It's too much. They didn't treat us fairly. Even more, they made us feel insecure. My mom wanted to confront the supervisor but it was a special day and it's supposed to be fun; no dramas. So, we left the place. 

It was a terrible experience. We came to the restaurant expecting of at least a good service. We weren't expecting for a special gift that day. In fact, it's supposed to be a bonus to make their customers happier with their service. We were struggling in finalizing our order and dealing with their promo mechanics in the first half hour of our stay, they could have done better. The Mother's Day special gift could have been a great gesture for us to forget all the hassles we first had. But it became another negative encounter. 

Visiting Papa John's was certainly an experience to remember, but one that I never hope to repeat and would not wish upon anyone else. Better ingredients. Better pizza. How I wish you can give better experience to your customers. 


Papa John’s Philippines Website: 
Robinson Galleria Veranda 
Store Hours | Mon-Sun: 10:00 am- 11:00 pm 
Delivery Hours| Mon-Sun: 10:00am-10:00pm 
·        Address 1: Level 2-2401, Robinson Galleria Veranda, 
·        Address 2: Edsa cor. Ortigas Ave., Ugong Norte QC. 
·        Delivery No.: 632 570 6009 
·        Contact No.: 632 570 6009 

This is not a sponsored blog post. Like my other product or food-related reviews, I purchased the product and tried it out. 

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