Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DuzEm turns 6!

Hi loves!  I almost forgot I have a blog. Haha! 

Anyway, I'm just writing now to share to you that it's our 6th Anniversary. 

Duz and I met (again) in 2008. Our love story is kinda complicated but romantic. It deserves another entry. 

I remember when we were starting, Duz can't wait for our first monthsary. He was a bit insecure of my 5-year relationship prior to him. 

But 6 years had passed and that means, nalagpasan na namen yung 5 years. Napatunayan ko na siguro lahat ng dapat kong patunayan. 

For those who haven't heard of our love story, I'll share it briefly. 

Duz and I first met in 2002 when we were Seniors in highschool. 

We haven't had any contact after graduation in 2003 up to February of 2008. That's five years! 

But then destiny had its own way to bring us back together. We met on Feb/21/2008 and became a couple on Feb/25/2008. 

Yes, 5 days lang ang ligawan. Wala ng paliguy-ligoy pa. Haha! 

After 6 weeks of being in a relationship, tinanan niya ako. Mapusok daw kame sabi ng mga nakakatanda. =) 

It was a pivotal turn in my life. 

We lived together and got married in May of 2009. And now, we've been together for 6 years. 

Wala namang sinabi ang 6 years namen sa mga nagcecelebrate ng golden anniversary. I know marami pa kameng pagdadaanan. 

But I'm proud to say, we survived the four-year-itch. 

It's not because of my efforts or his, it's all about God's mercy. 

Without him, baka isa na rin kame sa mga dysfunctional marriages. 

I've been praying for an affair-proof marriage and I thank God he never fails. 

My current marriage motto: Love. Fight. Stay Married. 

To my husband and partner in life, if ever you're reading this, I will say it again - I lalalala-love you!!! 

Sweetness overload. Sorry for my cheesyness. ;) 

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