Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pretty's 7th Birthday

Pretty's party started with a dance number. The song played was "Dance With My Father". It was so emotional for me.

Momcy and I customized the program. We had 7 Dresses, 7 Lollipops and 7 Verses.

There were 7 boys who danced her. (videos will be uploaded soon)

Here's the Disney Princess-themed cake.

We all sang the Happy Birthday song and she blew the candle.

The party host had some games for the kids.

The last game was so tricky. The host asked the kids to bring P20. She collected all the money and gave it to Pretty. But of course, she asked the kids and the parents if that's okay with them.

Then, there was a naughty game for the adults. Duz' brothers and my colleagues played. The girls needed to put the tape on the boys' body parts that start with the letter "T".

Before eating, Pretty had a short pictorial session with the kids.

While the visitors chowed down their food, the birthday celebrator visited each table.

Pretty and her friends had an intermission number after the meal. They dance in the tune of Whoops Kiri. (videos will be uploaded soon)

Then, Birdie came out and gave her a surprised gift.

The kids were so happy!

The children went wild when the host opened the pinata. Haha!

Before we ended the part, Momcy thanked everyone who shared that special day with Pretty and our family.

When the guests left, it was our time to bust a  grub. You can't really eat if you're partly hosting a party and entertaining guests.

When we went home, Pretty was so excited to open all her gifts.

And I got so electrified to eat the cake. I'm a cake monster, you should know that! =)

Here's my estimated expenses of this party.

My thoughts on having a birthday party in a fast food chain:
It's practical nowadays to book a party in Mcdo or Jollibee. You won't worry too much on the preparation and the aftermath of the party. If you want a breeze celebration, this is for you. But if you like to DIY your party and cook more food, then you must have the traditional birthday party at home.

See you in our next party!

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