Saturday, December 7, 2013

Review: Kalborger's Duper Burger

Kalborger is listed on DuzEm's "To-Try List". I love burger. I'd rather eat burger than rice. So one morning, we had a walk from our haven to C5 Mindanao Avenue. There's a Kalborger's branch along the highway.

Trivia: The owner of this hamburger business is bald so he named it KALBORGER.

There are two types of home made burgers at Kalborger's: beef and chicken. They have three sizes: the regular size, super size (5 inches) and the duper size (9 inches) Prices vary from P35 to P150.

We ordered BEEF DUPER for P150.

Lot's of fresh tomatoes, cabbage and cucumber are placed inside the soft bun. You'll taste generous amount of cheese too.

The patty was juicy enough. There are two thingsI like about Kalborger's. First, it uses mayonnaise and mustard. That's a plus point for me. By the way, I looove mustard! Second, the bread they use is a pandesal-like bread not the typical burger bun. I looove pandesal. So, plus point again.

Most of the people that buy at Kalborger's get their orders for take-out. But we ate ours at their stall.

Solved na solved kame ni Duz. Sulit na sulit pag gusto niyong mag-food trip.

How to reach Kalborger's Novaliches Branch:
From Talipapa, you can ride a jeepney going to Novaliches Bayan. Drop off at C5 Mindano Ave (HBC) then cross the street going to Sauyo.

Turn left, going to NLEX. There are few stores and one of them is Kalborger's.

Try it guys and let me know your verdict.

I'd love to hear from you.



  1. From HBC po? ano po ang nxt direction? open pa din po ba hanggang ngaun yan?

    1. Grace, walking distance lang. Tatawid ka lang dun sa rotonda. Right side. Pwede mo rin ipagtanong. Ituturo na nila sayo un. Thanks!