Friday, November 1, 2013

Things I've Learned in October

October has been a roller coaster ride for me. It started badly because I had a misfortune on first week of the month. I discovered that someone has been stealing my personal and valuable things. It resulted to a heated confrontation that lead us to a decision to leave and to move in to our own place. It took us almost three weeks to totally transfer to our little haven. Those three weeks were the most crucial time for me. Every little thing stressed the hell out of me. I felt like I was at the wrong place with the wrong people.

On a lighter note, my first born child turned 7 last October 22. We celebrated her birthday on October 26. It was her grandest birthday so far. To give her a Princess-themed birthday party is on my bucket list. I'm glad I already checked this off.

October 27 was our first night at our new crib. I started the last week of the month cheerfully. I've never been this happy for the last couple of months. Having this new and own place refreshes the happiness in me that I once lost.

We had our Halloween Party at work last night (October 31). Chloe enjoyed Trick-or-treating and I had a lot of fun during my shift.

Things I've learned in October:

·         Traitors are everywhere. You can even find them inside your house.
Guard yourself because you'll never know when will a person stab you in the back. Not because she's a friend, a relative or generally nice to few people, it also means that she cannot harm you. No. Not close. There are people who are pleasant in front of you but plan crimes at your back.

·         Better parenting is badly needed for troubled teens.
        Majority of the teenagers nowadays are very different (in a bad way) in comparison with the teens in the past. I've witnessed them grow into a monster. When your child tells a lie, covers his wrongdoing and shows behavioral problems, you must deal with him right away. Discipline should start once a baby is born. If you tolerate him do these sinful acts at his early age, you should not be surprised if he turns into a beast. Parents who are working abroad, be very vigilant.

·         There are millions good reasons why you should not to live with your in-laws.
        Although your in-laws may be wonderful people, that doesn't mean it's a good idea to live with them. Oh sure, you may be able to save money by living with them, but that doesn't mean you'll live long enough to enjoy it. Yes, it saves you a bit of moolsh if you don't pay for your rent however, moving out can save your marriage in the long run. In-laws from a safe distance can be great. You don't know them too well and they only know what you let them see. You might adore your in-laws but when you live in one roof, this is when all hell breaks loose. You sometimes wonder if things could ever get any worse and then they do. So trust me, believe me and remember this: NEVER LIVE WITH YOUR IN-LAWS.

·        A 7-year old daughter loves to have a Disney Princess themed party.
I really wanted to give Pretty a birthday party that she deserves. I’m glad I was able to be part of fulfilling her dream. She was the center of attraction and the highlight on that day. You can never go wrong with a Princess Party.

·        Halloween isn’t just for kids.
I am not a big fan of Halloween. All I like about is the dressing up part. I was already an adult when I overcame the following:

Masklophobia – fear of mascots; 
Prosopeiophobia – fear of masks;
Coulorophobia – fear of clowns.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching kids throwing tantrums after the party. They still looked cute because they were wearing costumes. Haha. Personally, I like to dress my kids with character costumes than scary ones.

It’s already November. I’m on leave tonight. Forget the double pay, I want to be sitting beside my hubby when the clock strikes 12. It’s gonna be his 29th birthday!

How about you guys?  What are your plans for tonight?
How was your October?


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