Friday, November 29, 2013

Team Building 2013

Hi everyone! I'm officially on vacation. Since it's Thanksgiving in US/Canada, last night was a holiday for us. I filed my VL for tonight so it's gonna be a long weekend. Yay!

I already mentioned our Team Building last Saturday at Phillip's Sanctuary in Antipolo. Team members are human beings subject to stresses and emotional turmoil. Having a team building promotes better relationship with colleagues, removes office conflicts and improvse work environment. I am a very competitive person, full of fighting spirit but no physical skills. I can't even run fast or jump high. Mag-chi-cheer na lang ako. Haha!

This Team Building was for the PS and CCS. We needed to trek for about 20 minutes before we reached the boot camp. It's the most spacious team building venue I've ever been into. We ate our breakfast then we had our orientation.

BTW, here's my outfit together with Ann (my sister from another mother). Dahil takot kameng magasgasan, kelangan ng leggings. :)

I am part of the Yellow Team which is composed of all girls. Technically, we have 10 girls and 2 Adams-turned-out-Eves. In fairness, we won the first place!

We started with the Team's Chant. Luckily, we're the first team who performed.

Then, we played the "Picture Me" game. It was fun!

After which, we started with different obstacle courses. Each game needed 7 players. I played most of them but I also knew my weaknesses so I didn't volunteer on games which require balance and height.

Lastly, we experienced the MUD CRAWL. It's time to get muddy!!! See, kahit maarte kame, we didn't miss the chance to experience it. 

Thank goodness, I didn't have any major injury or wound. May mga konting gasgas lang at minor cramps. Our team won at least 3 games as the fastest team among 8 groups. Hindi biro yun, given the fact na all girls kame. :)

Overall, I'm glad I was part of something that tested my physical limits.

We took a bath, ate our PM snacks and the Management Team raffled prizes. Each of us was entitled to one prize. Walang umuwing talunan. Raffle prizes include the following:

Starbucks GCs (P100, P200 and P500)
Bon Chon GCs (P100, P200 and P500)
Sodexho GCs (P100, P200 and P500)
Starbucks Mugs
Starbucks Tumblers
Starbucks 2014 Planner
Bon Chon Umbrellas

I won Starbucks P200 GC.

Now, the hard part didn't end with the activities. Going home, since the bus was parked far from the camp, we did an uphill climb in the dark. Dark, because it was already around 6 pm.

The most challenging part of the day, our bus' AC failed. No aircon, can't open the windows, 2 hour-ride because of the Saturday traffic jam - it was difficult to breathe. Itinulog ko na lang.

Got home around 9 pm. Added memories, new stories and pictures to wrap up the day. I took medicines to fight colds and vitamins to strengthen my immune system. The next day, I took Alaxan for muscle pain. Haha.

Next in line, our annual Summer Team Building.

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