Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Good evening guys! How's your week so far? Hope everything's fine with you and your family.

Last Sunday, we went to my friend's wake. After that, we had dinner at our haven. Duz wasn't feeling very well. He got so dizzy that he asked me to bring him to the hospital. First time yan nagpadala sa ospital. Kinabahan siguro siya dahil feeling daw niya magco-collapse siya. 12 midnight, we were at the emergency room. We waited for the lab results until 1am. I was so nervous because my friend's death was so sudden and the cause was still unknown. He was healthy pero bigla lang nilagnat then after a week, he passed away. Sobrang kaba at paranoid ko. I thank God because everything is normal with Duz's lab tests. Papatingin na lang siya sa ophthalmology kasi madalas sumakit yung mga mata niya. I think that's also the reason why madalas sumakit ang ulo niya.

Monday and Tuesday, they were terrible. Duz was so sick pero ayaw naman niya magpadala sa doctor. But our God is the God who heals. After taking some medicines, fruits and hydrite - he got well. Let's take care of ourselves ha? Mahirap magkasakit ngayon.

On a different note, I really want to volunteer. The least that I can do is be part of the people who are repacking relief goods. Sana ma-push ko to. I try to avoid watching the news because it breaks my heart. Though I don't have relatives in Tacloban or affected provinces, I still feel sad for my kababayans. On the other hand, I feel more grateful because of the people all over the world who are lending their hands. God blesses you all.

Like what many say, we may lose everything but not our resilient spirit. I am praying for those who have lost family members. May our God comfort you.

Let's pray for our country and our nation.

We will rise again!

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