Monday, November 18, 2013


Sorry for the super late post. Here you go.

May 29, 2013 - It was our last day in the one of the few 6-star resorts in the Philippines. We woke up earlier because we had plans to go up at the highest peak of the island. It's the best place to witness the sunrise.

It was a bit tiring to go up, but let's consider it as an exercise. ;)

The view up there was so worth it. It was spectacular.

After few minutes, we went down to the resort. The place was really splendid. We can stay there forever.

We went back to the Marina because Duz wanted to jump like what Derek Ramsey always does here (according to reliable source).

We requested for our breakfast to be served in the Seaside Pavillion instead of the main restaurant. Our request was granted. While waiting, I had my muni-muni moment again. It was our last day but I can't still believe I was there. I almost pinch myself to make sure it was all real.

After our hearty breakfast, we swam at the Seaside Infinity Pool with Sunken Bar for the last time. As always, we had the pool all ourselves. This was luxury!!!

I found myself staring at the beauty of what the island can offer: the beautiful mountains, the calm sea and the bright sky. It is you Lord who created all these. I started to think of all the blessings I have.

We went to the bar and ordered some refreshments.

I dropped by the Entertainment Room to check my emails .

We brought our fruit shakes at the lap pool. We spent almost 2 hours there.

We had all the privacy we wanted.

It's not everyday that Duz and I can have this luxurious quality time. Since we got married, we haven't thought of traveling not until this vacation. This really opened us to something new, something refreshing and something we need to consider every now and then. I will say that this is the best R &R / honeymoon that we had.

We had to go back to our room and pack our things. We waited for our service at the hotel lobby.

It was with heavy hearts the we had to leave the island. We didn't wan to go! We enjoyed every minute of our stay and soaked up the experience. In hindsight, what truly made our stay unforgettable was the warmth welcome of the people behind Bellarocca. They have genuine sense of family and earnest desire to make sure we enjoy our stay. That was priceless!

He was our Marina guide. He was so nice and we heard a lot of his personal stories. As we got on the speedboat, he waved his goodbye from the dock. What a fitting end to such a heartwarming and beautiful getaway.

This made me cry. Duz embraced me and planted a kiss on my forehead.

The van brought us near the Cawit port. 

We rode the tricycle to get to the port.

While waiting for the next trip, we ate at the nearest carinderia. We found all the food super cheap. This happens after you spend a lot of moolah for the pricey food in a 6-star resort. Haha.

Back to reality. And I loved it!

After eating, we bought some souvenirs.

  Then, we check in and board the ship.

Photo-op first!

Goodbye Marinduque! We hope to see you again.

Looking back, it was the perfect oasis from the hustle and bustle of everyday life here in Manila.

I had to sleep while on the ship because it was a bumpy ride. Signing off. I'll be dreaming of Bellarocca again. :)

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