Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy Weekend

I didn't blog for almost two weeks because of some private matters. I went through something very bad and I didn't want to go online because I was afraid that because of my emotions, I might publicized things that should remain private.

I lost my camera inside the house. Until now, I can't find it. (one of the reasons why I didn't blog for the past few days)

For the longest time, I was trying to be nice to this  "someone" even if I don't have any reason to be nice to her at all. This person was stealing my personal things. I actually knew this few months ago pero pinalalagpas ko lang. But this Monday, she stole some valuable things and I knew that she crossed the line. To make the long story short, I confronted her. I have all the evidence and she also admitted the 'crime'.

I don't want to elaborate what happened but it's a blessing in disguise. We've been staying in my in-laws house for almost 4 months now. The original plan was to move out in December but we decided to do it earlier.

Wednesday, I was on leave because we looked for a place. Thank God we didn't have a hard time. It was like a piece of cake. We've found this building with new units and the monthly rent is reasonable. Perfect for our budget. It's still within Brgy. Talipapa Novaliches QC. Duz and I decided to stay in this place because of some reasons:

1. Kahit anong  bagyong dumaan, hindi dito binaha.
2. Kabisado na namen yung lugar.
3. The place where we'll live is near the highway. Di na kelangan mag tricycle or pedicab. 
4. Paglabas ng building, meron ng supermarket, wet market, school, church and etc. Everything you need is here.
5. It's only 20 minutes away from my office.

Pagkakita namen ng unit, we've come up to a final decision. This is it. Thursday, I went back to work to file for another leave. Friday, we started packing.

Now, it's Saturday morning and later we'll clean the pad para makalipat na kame within the day. We are really excited. Sa sobrang saya ni Duz, napaluto pa siya ng 1 kilo spaghetti kahapon. :)

And I wanna share what Duz told me. He said, ang una daw nameng gagawin paglipat namen sa unit na yun ay mag-devotion. I was really surprised kasi before pag lumilipat kame ng bagong place, ang una niyang ginagawa ay magpainom. Now, he wants us to put God first above anything else para matanggal ang mga bad vibes sa buhay namen at para dumaloy ang pagpapala.

So, ayun.. hindi ako nakatulog magdamag because of excitement. May birthday party pa kameng pupuntahan later. 

Let me leave you with this quotation that helped me survive this week.

Happy weekend guys! Stay safe and dry.


  1. Hi Ems, dapat may Facebook page na rin tong blog mo. Malay mo may mga followers ka na! : )

  2. aww... gusto ko din ng hubby na prayerful :) mabuti yan. heheh.... ipagpepray ko kayo ng family mo. God bless always mare :) do you still use your tumblr?

    1. Thanks mars. Yes, I sometimes use tumblr.