Saturday, September 28, 2013

Celebrities I Like and Why

Dahil sa social media, updated tayo sa buhay-buhay ng mga artista. Today, I'll show you the top 3 persons/public figure that I constantly admire and I'll let you know why.

First is Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio

When I entered the world of blogging, I discovered Carla's blog. It's on my blogroll. As we know, she was a sexy actress in 90s but it changed when she became a Christian and left the sinful life. After few years, she became a pastor's wife.

She said: I was once also some kind of a “lingerie angel” and made to sell sex for  ads and movies. And I agree, the fame and attention this kind of image brings can make one stupid enough to sell her soul and give up her dignity. Yet personally, my motivation was more about MONEY and how having lots of it will provide security.  At least that’s what I thought before.  

I’ve lost so much from having to turn my back completely on my ungodly image. That’s a fact. I have received so much flack for this decision, ranging from being called stupid to unprofessional to crazy. That is, stupid and crazy to lose that much money and opportunities to secure oneself and perhaps, future children even, over my religion. However, what people do not understand is that this isn’t a religion. What I have with God, with Jesus, is everything.

Read more about it here.

Now, she's very active in the Christian world and has a lot of speaking engagements.

I admire how vocal she is about her faith, changed life and love for the ministry. She also shares a lot of things about marriage. She's truly an inspiration.

I'm planning to buy "Beauty for Ashes" book. Carla wrote it's foreword. 

Second is Yeng Constantino

Lately ko lang nalaman na Christian din siya. I started following her Facebook page where she usually posts Bible verses. Nakaka-inspire kasi sa stage she looks like a real rock star but in real life she is a very passionate follower of Christ.

She met her boyfriend at church. Yan Asuncion is a worship director at Victory. Nakakatuwa ang love story nila. 

Kahit gaano ka-busy sa showbiz, Yeng manages to join the Christian community and different church activities. She spreads positive vibes on Facebook.

I'm planning to watch her birthday concert this coming November 30. Who wants to join?

Third is Team Kramer.

They are trending and when I started stalking their Facebook page, I got addicted. I spent hours looking at the pictures and videos of the kids.

I love people who give importance to marriage, parenthood and family in general. Cheska and Doug are famous in their own way but whenever they post a photo inside their house with the kids, you'll see how normal they are. They're obviously not perfect but they inspire a lot of people (including me). Wala silang arte. They are very humble and no wonder why they gained a hundred thousand of fans in a span of months.

Promise, nakaka-aliw sila! They are planning to have a "Meet and Greet". Sinong sasabay saken? :)

How about you guys? 

Who are the celebrities you admire the most and why?