Monday, September 30, 2013

Are You a Lifeaholic?

Hello sweeties! It's Monday again and I want to share Bo's article today.

I was a true-blooded, full-pledged workaholic. 
I’ve now converted and have become a lifeaholic—if there’s such a thing.  I’m now “addicted” to breathe, to love, to quiet, to beauty, to balance, to peace, to joy, to simplicity, and all the wonderful stuff contained in this adventure called life.
A workaholic works long hours. 
        But a lifeaholic works regular hours.
          A workaholic has very shallow friendships, in and out of work.
       A lifeaholic treasures his deep friendships as his greatest wealth.
         A workaholic works with no defined goals.  He just wants to be busy.
      But a lifeaholic has defined goals and works towards attaining them.  And half of these goals have nothing to do with his work.
           A workaholic has no interests outside of work.
       A lifeaholic on the other hand has pleasurable interests outside his work.
          A workaholic cannot delegate.
         A lifeaholic makes delegation his master skill.
          A workaholic doesn’t take vacations.  And if he is forced to take one, his mind will still be trapped in his office desk no matter where he goes.
         A lifeaholic on the other hand takes afternoon naps, annual personal retreats, second honeymoons, regular family picnics, and weekly day-offs with gusto.
          A workaholic feels that life is one huge problem.
        A lifeaholic feels that life is one mysterious and wonderful gift.
     The choice is yours…
Read more about it here.

Today, I will choose to laugh more often. I love the proverb he shared:
Angels can fly because they take themselves so lightly.
I am often hard on myself. Dinidibdib ko lahat. Pag may nagawa akong mali, iniisip-isip ko yun at nahihiya ako sa sarili ko. Pero mali pala yun. Here's Bo's advice:
Don’t take life too seriously—especially the small irritations of your day.  Instead of being frustrated at traffic, try laughing at the silly way we urbanites live.
Most especially, laugh at yourself and at your mistakes.
I'll keep this in mind. Ayoko sa mga negative people. Yung drama queen. Yung akala mo pasan nila ang buong mundo. Yung gusto nila kaawaan sila. Pero minsan, di ko napapansin, nagiging negative na rin pala ako. Maliit na bagay, kinakainisan ko. Nasisira buong araw ko dahil sa mga simpleng iritasyon na pwede naman palagpasin. Yung mga problema ko kala ko pinakamalala na. I take life too seriously. 
Mas gusto ko sumama sa mga taong masayahin. People who always laugh at the crazy things in life. People who laugh at their mistakes. Yung light lang kasama. For sure may problema din sila pero hindi mo mahahalata dahil naguumapaw ang kasiyahan nila. Gusto ko mahawa sa mga ganyang tao. Kung ganito lang lagi, hayahay ang buhay! Di ba? :)
Spread the positive vibes!

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