Thursday, August 22, 2013

Review: Payless Instant Mami (Chicken with Real Malunggay and Corn Flavor)

Wednesday night, Chloe asked me to cook noodles. Like other children, she loves soup. 

My favorite noodle is Payless Chicken with Real Malunggay and Corn Flavor. I started eating it after I gave birth to Chloe. After I discover it, ayoko na ng ibang noodles. The reasons why I like it is because it's nutritious (with malunggay) and I love corn flavor. .

I put egg with it para more nutritious.

Chloe loves it too so I usually cook 2 packs for the two of us.

Mas madalas kame ngayon magluto niyan dahil perfect sa weather. Kaya dapat hindi ako nauubusan ng stocks. 

How about you? What's your favorite instant noodles?

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