Monday, August 5, 2013

Funny Business Names in Pinas

Some interesting Filipino business names. The Filipino Style.

1. In Manila, there’s a laundry named: ‘Summa Cum Laundry’
2. Bank in Alabang: ‘Alabank’
3. A tombstone maker in Antipolo: ‘Lito Lapida’ 
4. A copy center in Sikatuna Village called: ‘Pakopya ni Edgar’ 
5. Name of a kambingan: ‘Sa Goat Kita’
6. Pet shop: ‘Petness First’ 
7. A bakery: ‘Anak Ng Tinapay’ 
8. Laundry shop: ‘Wash Your Problem’
9. Neighborhood pizza store: ‘Pizza Hot’
10. My brother’s party needs business: ‘Balloon-Balloonan’

Gotohan - 'GOTO Heaven'
Laundry Shop - 'Let's Talk Dirty'
Water Refilling Station - 'Waterver'
Car Repair - 'Cardiologist'

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