Sunday, August 11, 2013

Chloe Says Silly Things

I'm a mom of a potential brat.

CHLOE: Hala, happy birthday mo na Ma.. Kaya lang, la ikaw pera.

CHLOE: <Opens the refrigerator> Hala! Walang laman ref!!!

CHLOE: <Momi is sad because of Dadi> Mom, iba na (si) Dadi?

CHLOE: <Pinagsasabihan ng lola niya.> Who cares? (naka-pamewang pa)
CHLOE: <Pinapagalitan ng lola niya.> Ikaw gusto bugbog Dadi?
CHLOE: I'm mad. Gusto mo ikaw sabit dun!
CHLOE: Ma, gusto ko ng space.

Sometimes we laugh at her but we never forget to discipline her. I definitely do not say those things. She heard them from other people. I always try to tell her the difference of the bad and good. Whenever she throws tantrums, I stay calm, cool and collected because I noticed that when I get angry or upset, it fuels her tantrum and makes it last longer.

Any tips how NOT to raise a brat?

Disclaimer: Photos are borrowed from the Internet.

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