Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday: I'm On Leave Tonight

Last weekend, I planned to go to my doctor but it didn't happen. Our health card renews every August so I need to maximize it and I have 2 days left. I have so many plans today so I decided to file a leave. 

I went home early, took a nap for an hour, had breakfast and went to the doctor. I usually go to Medical City in SM Novaliches because it's the nearest. I arrived there around 9am. I knew that I can go inside even before the mall opens as long as I am going to Medical City. The clinic opens at 8am.

I was surprised because I saw a lot of senior citizens inside the mall and there was a Dance Aerobics Session. I paused for awhile and watched them. I noticed that there were few women of my age too.  I really got curious how to join them. 

I went inside Medical City, filled out some forms and waited for the doctor. From the second floor, I still watched the dancing people. If I'm not mistaken, there were more or less 100 women. The session ended at 9:30am. Then a woman from that crowd went inside the clinic to have her BP checked. I immediately interviewed her.

EM: Everyday po ba yan?. 

WOMAN: No. Every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

EM: Ah, may bayad po?

WOMAN: P20 lang.

EM: Talaga po? (excited)

WOMAN: Dati nga free lang yan eh, nung nasa parking pa lang. Tapos pumayag ang SM Management na sa loob na kame ng mall pero may charge na P20.

EM: Pero mura na po yun compared to gym membership. 

WOMAN: Ay, oo naman. Dati nag-Fitness First ako. P2000+ monthly.

EM: Pwede po ba kahit hindi Senior Citizen diyan?

WOMAN: Oo. Marami na ngang sumasama na hindi Senior Citizen eh. 

At the back of my mind, I was planning to give it a try. Why not? Ang mahal kaya magpa-member sa mga first class na gym. I also checked gyms near our place, karamihan puro lalake at wala masyadong babae. That made me buy a Zumba - DVD. I tried it twice or thrice at home with Chloe. Tapos, tinamad na. Masaya rin kasi pag marami kang kasabay.  

The woman and I talked about health. She shared her medical history and advised me to take care of myself because I'm too young to get sick. Then, I asked her where she lives. 

WOMAN: Sa Kingspoint. Kaw?

EM: Sa Talipapa po. Dun po kasi yung family ng napangasawa ko. Pero matagal po kame tumira ng family ko sa Urbano.

WOMAN: Ah, talaga? Taga Urbano rin ako dati. Lumipat lang ako. San kayo dun?

EM: (The doctor called my name.) Sa Tom's Apartment po. Sige po. Bye.

When I went out from the doctor's clinic, she was still there and waiting for me. 


EM: (Surprised why she called me by my name. I didn't introduce myself earlier.)

WOMAN: Diba ikaw si Em? Apo ni Tatay Santy? Si Tita Gilda to. Yung nagtahi ng costume niyo sa tambourine saka iba mong damet.

EM: Ay. Sorry po. Kaya pala familiar ko. (smiling)

Then we talked about my lolo. She kept on saying how kind he was. Magkababayan sila. Parehong Kapampangan.  I remembered and missed him tuloy. I got her number and said we'll see each other soon.

After she left, I had my laboratory tests (Urinalysis and Blood Test).


I finished around 11am. I need to fast for at least 6 hours for my ultrasound scan. Nagpalipas muna ako ng oras. I strolled in the mall for almost an hour. I was looking for a birthday gift to a baby girl who's celebrating her birthday later in Jollibee (near Trinoma). I also went to National Bookstore. Whenever I go to the mall, I make sure to check some books. I found Happiness Project! Natapos ko yung introduction up to Chapter 1. Andame ko na agad natutunan. I can't wait to buy it. I read there for almost 2 hours. Ganyan ako. I can stay inside a bookstore for the whole day. 

After that, I went to my dentist in Seminario. After checking the Maxicare's list of accredited dentist, I found out that my she's one of them. She took care of me when I had braces. I planned to have cleaning and tooth extraction kaya lang sabi ng assistant di daw covered ng card pag molar extraction. Tapos, male dentist yung andun. My original dentist works at the new branch in RP. Ayoko ng pumunta dun so sakanya na lang ako nag-pa-cleaning. Sabi niya, ipa-x-ray ko muna daw para malaman kung ano dapat bunutin. P750 daw yun. He also noticed that my 3rd molar has a problem and hindi siya ordinary tooth extraction, surgery daw kailangan. OMG! I asked him about the fee but he just asked me to check it with my original dentist who's in the other branch. Alam ko, wasakan ng wallet yun at hindi ata covered ng card ko. Anyway, pagiisipan ko muna yan. I might check other dentists first. 

I'm about to go back to Medical City for ultrasound. I'll let you know about the results soon. I'm famished. Can't wait to eat. 

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