Friday, July 26, 2013

The Story Behind That Picture

During weekends, my body clock is so messed up. After Friday shift, Saturday morning - I don't sleep right away. I play with Chloe or do household chores. Around 5pm, lowbat na ko niyan. If I fall asleep, around 11pm or 12 midnight na ang gising ko. Last Saturday, around 10pm, nagising ako because Chloe was crying. I saw her in the corner and she kept on asking me:

"Bakit ako iwan Momi at Dadi?".

Big question. So I ran towards her, hugged her and said "Momi's here. I don't have work tonight. Tabi tayo mag-sleep ha." But she was still asking me that "question". Then I was surprised when I saw that she was holding a picture of me and her Dad. It was actually inside my makeup kit (kinakalkal niya ang makeup kit ko tuwing tulog ako).

It suddenly struck me. This little kid saw a picture of her parents and her mind can't conceive why she wasn't in that picture. She asked "Bakit di ako sama Momi at Dadi dito oh?" (pointing at the picture).

Honestly, I didn't know what to tell her at that moment. I just said "Momi and Dadi go to work. Di ka namen iniiwan kasi bumabalik rin naman kame, diba?" (trying to convince her). Binola-bola ko na lang para tumahan na.

Here are her pictures after that drama. Look, namamaga pa ang mga mata niya.

Kissing Mom and Dad's photo.

The picture that made her cry.

Lukot-lukot na ung picture. I didn't get it from her. I told her she can keep it. Now, every time she sees that picture -- she cries! I told Duz about it. We tried to explain to Chloe why we need to go to work and leave her for awhile. 

Every night, before I go to work, it's always a battle because she won't let me leave the house. Ilang beses na akong na-late dahil diyan. Dati naman, hindi siya ganyan. I was thinking she's getting emotional nowadays and this too shall pass.

Mothers out there, do you experience this too? Please share your best practices.

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