Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chloe Asks for More Attention

Chloe, my youngest turned 3 y/o last April. I am a working mom so she spends more time with her Dad. Recently, I noticed that she wants more of my attention. For example, when she sings and dances, she will call me and tell me to watch her. If I look at another direction, she will get mad. I need to finish her whole performance before I can move, or else, she will throw tantrums.

This morning, I was browsing the net when she asked me to play with her. I put down my laptop immediately and sat down on the floor to join her. When I peeked at my laptop, she shouted at me. 

Chloe: Momi, watch me! Bitaw laptop!

Knowing her, she loves getting attention. She needs it. She demands for it. I checked the web on how to handle this kind of situation. Let me share you what I've found.

It's normal for children to need attention and approval. However, attention-seeking becomes a problem when it happens all the time. Even charming attention-seeking can become controlling. Many children make tragedies out of trivial concerns to get your sympathy. Excessive attention-seeking results in a situation where your child commands your life.

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I am still doing my research about this. Hopefully, I will learn more on how to deal with Bebe Chloe. How about other moms out there? Please share your experience or ideas.


  1. Hi, Miss Em! What I do with my two sons is I ignore them whenever they use inappropriate behavior to get my attention and I praise them in times when they don't need so much attention like when they play alone or together when I do household chores. You can also tell your daughter to ask nicely if she needs something from you. I also remember when my eldest son when he was 4 years old, we would make a daily schedule so that he would know when our mom & son activities would be, his "me time", and my work time too. I also make sure to have a date with my eldest like watching a movie together or just having a chit-chat before sending him to bed every night because I'm always with my youngest. Hope these tips help! :)

  2. Hi SJ. Thank you for that warm advice. I will surely try that.