Sunday, July 21, 2013

BELLAROCCA: A Dream In The Making

You don't know how excited I was to experience this. The first time I heard about Bellarocca  was when a friend posted her gorgeous picture in Facebook. I asked her where was the photo taken. I was surprised when she said it's in Marinduque. I can't believe it's in the Philippines because she's a flight attendant and most of the places she visits are abroad. But the place really looked great!

I couldn't take my mind of Bellarocca ever since I discovered it. It became on top of my list of places I want to see before I die. Their rates are crazy high and it would take me forever to save up for it. But then, forever came too soon.

My cousin who worked for a travel magazine called me in March. She's selling a voucher that's only valid from May 1 to 31 and it's a Bellarocca package. It rang a bell to me. My first reaction was to sell it to my friends or colleagues. I asked her how much was it and told her I will help her find a buyer. She said, we only have 1 week to sell it or  else her officemate will take care of it. Pressure ha! 

I remember a friend of mine who's dreaming to visit Greece. We already talked about Bellarocca as her alternative. She's my prospect. But things didn't go that way because she already had booked reservations to somewhere. This made me consider buying that voucher. 

I thought about the last time I had a tour. It was in 2006 when I and my college friends had a trip to Beijing China. Seven years had passed. It's about time to reward myself for all the hardwork I've done for my family. Also, Duz and I never had the chance to travel. Lo and behold, we decided to purchase the deal. 

So I started planning this trip since March. I spent the following months reading reviews in Tripadvisor and blogs from travel bloggers about the island, looking at pictures, dreaming of the day when it'll be our turn. 

But in May, plans have been changed and decided to re-sell it. I was bugging my sister to go there and just pay me in installment scheme after the trip. I just don't want the voucher expires without someone using it. But nobody wanted it. Maybe because it's already the last week of May and it's so hassle to plan a getaway without enough preparation and budget.

After much deliberation and consideration, we decide to push through our first ever trip. We came up to an idea that this is perfect timing to renew our vows because we just celebrated our 5 years of togetherness. When my friends knew about it, they were more excited than me. One of them almost cried. Haha.

This is really a once in a lifetime experience. Especially because I can't imagine how I would and could afford   such trip to a fantasy island that caters to Hollywood stars, European and Asian royalties, and of course Manila's high society crowd.

Thank you Lord for answering my prayers and making this one a reality.

A Beautiful Rock

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