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May 27, 2013 (Monday) - I knew this day will come.

Bellarocca means "Beautiful Rock". When we were in the speedboat and getting near it, I can't hide my happiness. The first glimpse of the island was unforgettable. You know beauty when you see it. 

We were greeted by the staffs when we reached the port. They brought us to the hotel via golf cart. It's the main transportation in the resort. It would be so much fun if we could drive it on our own. Unfortunately, it's not allowed. So, let's just have a picture.

Ang golf cart na nakaka-donya!

We were given Pandan drink (the best) and cold towel (smells heavenly) while signing few forms regarding our reservation. The OIC gave a brief welcome and orientation. I asked him if there were lots of guests because there was a group of Koreans in the lobby. I found out that they were already leaving and only Duz and I were their guests. I was like, WOW!

The voucher was for a Deluxe Room. I wanted to stay in the Villa because it has its own infinity pool, outdoor jacuzzi, backyard, pocket garden and sun deck. But who am I to complain. We have this island all to ourselves. So we headed to our room, our home for the next three days.

On top of the table, there were Arrow Root Cookies. They were delicious!

They were gone in a minute!

 Inside our room


While I was so busy unpacking our bags and arranging our clothes, Duz was busy checking the mini ref. 

Akin lahat ng beer!

Our closet looked like this.

Duz: Isang buwan ba tayo dito? Bakit andame mong dalang damet??

We took a shower to freshen up. I kept on telling Duz to avoid the bed because we might fall asleep. I wanted to experience the resort's amenities first. But the bed was our favorite part because it's the most comfortable bed in the universe. I can sleep there forever. Promise! But look who's really loving it.


We first checked the Entertainment Room.

Collection movies which you can borrow

Then we went to the Marina and our guide asked us if we want to kayak around the whole island. Duz said yes right away. Honestly, I was a bit scared to do water sports because I don't swim. But realizing that I'll only be in this island once in my lifetime, might as well enjoy every little thing this resort has to offer. 

It only took us 20 minutes to kayak around the whole island.

Before we reached the shore, Duz flipped the kayak and we fell. I knew it was his plan. Sutil talaga! Then, we checked the Marine life right away. It was our first time to try snorkeling. I didn't want to stay too long in the sea because I was not yet comfortable with it. 

After which, Duz took a brave jump into the water.
A-la Derek Ramsey

I must say, our guide was so nice. We had a chance to talk to him. He shared things behind this famous resort and how it feels like working here. He mentioned that Derek Ramsey is a frequent guest of Bellarocca. and he loves diving in that same spot where Duz jumped. 

I was so excited to see the infinity pool so we took a shower and did a quick photo-op.

To infinity and beyond!

That was our last outdoor activity for the day because when we returned to our room and watched movies around 4pm, we fell asleep. I woke up 4am the next day. Gosh! That was 12 hours of sleeping. That bed was really something. 

That was it. Watch out for my next post. That might be our day 2 in Bellarocca. ;)

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