Monday, July 1, 2013

Meet Bebe Marco

June 30, 2013 (Sunday) - I met Sha (my sister) at Red Ribbon, Marikina Bayan. Of course, kwentuhan to the max na naman kame.

Outfit of  the day: (Sorry, this is the only solo pic I had that day.)

Hair and Makeup from last night's event. Nag-retouch retouch lang ako. 

Then, we met Momcy, Pretty, Kuya Shane, Ate Amy and  Bebe Marco at a restaurant.

This is actually the first time Sha and I saw Bebe Marco in person. He's the first baby boy in our family so we were really excited to see him. And it's my first time to have a nephew.

Shane na Shane. Look at his eyebrows!

Parang  kelan lang, ganito lang kaliit sila Pretty at Chloe.

Momi and Ate Pretty

Pout while waiting for our food.

After eating, we went to shop around Marikina. This was also the first time we met Mateo (car).

We all  had fun. This was really a day well spent with my family. It's not that often we get a chance to see each other since my brother and his wife are based in Baguio. This lil get together reminded me that we are all grown ups. We're all now busy of our own family and career.  When we find time to be all together, the happiest person is always our Momcy.

Donya Erlinda

How about you? How was your Sunday?

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