Sunday, June 23, 2013

Life Begins at 40

Jennifer Marcelo is the eldest in our team. She celebrated her 40th birthday last June 15th (Saturday). Centaurus (our team) went to San Jose Del Monte Bulacan after shift. My hubby (Duz) and our baby Chloe joined us. Her house is quite far. I can't forget what one of our colleagues said.

Alex: Akala ko birthday party pupuntahan naten, di niyo naman nasabi, OUT OF TOWN pala!

Anyway, here's our outfit of the day.

Chloe: Fila tube, maong skirt and rubber shoes
Momi Em: Gray dress with hood and Fitflop sandals

Here's the birthday celebrator blowing her candle.

She looks young and fresh, like a lady on her twenties.

Of course, Chloe requested to light the candle again so she can blow it too.

Limang beses ata namen sinindihan yan para i-blow niya.
Here's the view at the back of Ate Jen's house.

Momi Em, Bebe Chloe and Pearl

We played "Pabitin" like children.
The man holding it is Ate Jen's husband.

Privie got the grand prize.
Trust condom
FYI: She's still a V. She doesn't have a boyfriend so I dunno where she'll use that.

This is also the first time the men of Centaurus met.

Left to right: Duz (my hubby), Philip (Ate Jen's hubby), John (Laine's bf) and Erik (Ann's bf)

Here are some of the photos taken that day.

Tummy girls


I remember what Duz told me.

Duz: Kame pang mga lalaki and nahihiya sa mga usapan niyo.  Haha!

Coz in our team, we talk about anything under the sun, as in anything!

And Erik (Ann's bf) was surprised when he realized no one in our team smokes given that we work in a BPO.

It was a tiring day but another chance to bond with the team and other colleagues.

How 'bout you? Do you also go out with your teammates?

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