Saturday, November 10, 2018

November 2018 Goals

Gotta do to this again. Hopefully every month.

Revisiting my September Goals: (this also applies as my October goals)
  • Continue to grow intimate with the Lord (quiet time, Bible study, Dgroup and volunteer). Yes, but there's still room for improvement.
  • Control my emotions and don't get too affected. Stay emotionally healthy by getting enough sleep, managing stress, etc. Somehow, though I got a major outbreak in the mid of October.
  • Eat more fruits to fight constipation. Not really. I drank too much soft drinks. 😅
  • Meet with best friends. Not yet.
  • Attend marriage retreat.  Done with our Dgroupa at MMRC.
  • Make a budget with Duz. We did this. We just need to execute it.

So here's for the month of November:
  • Improve my prayer time.
  • Leave and cleave.
  • Dispose and laundry all clothes.
  • Level up in my online business and raket.
  • Back to business - leche flan.
  • Bring back #BabeTime.
  • Back to blogging.
  • Stick to our budget.
  • Ultrasound and check up.
  • Baby bump picture.

What are your goals this month? Mind sharing?

Monday, November 5, 2018

October 2018 Highlights

Here are the highlights of my October.

Chloe's first time to try buffet when she was invited on her Tito Denmark's birthday celebration.

On the first Saturday of October, we went to Cubao to do some ukay-ukay shopping.

But we ended up buying from the Ukay-Ukay stores in Talipapa Novaliches. 😅

First Sunday, we celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday at Dionicia's Garden Breeze Resort in QC.

On September 14th, Chloe and I went to Cavite because we were invited on my cousin's 40th birthday.

Ate Lanie is my favorite cousin. She's the wife of Kuya Myk.

This month, Chloe had been working out in the morning with one of our clients.

She stays with me at work before her service picks her up.

Mid of the month, we had our marriage counselling with our Dgroup leaders.

We are currently working out on some issues and this couple has been very helpful in our journey.

Duz and I had a quick date at Ice Cream House - Talipapa. 😘

Sweetness overload!!!

One of the memorable things this month was when we had our first Bible study in our permanent venue.

So happy to see this group again. 😊

We're located at 3rd floor of  Crossroad Tandang Sora. You may join us every Wednesday, 7pm.

That day, I won on a Bible trivia organized by one of our Dgroup members.

I placed this at the lobby of my workplace. My colleagues and other clients appreciate it so much.

On October 18th, we attended the apartment blessing of my boss.

Actually, we planned to move in one of the units of my employer. It's located at the 3rd floor of the building where I currently work.

However, plans changed when we reconsidered our budget.

On October 19th, Chloe and I surprised Dadi Duz at their event in UP Town Center.

Nice backdrop!

On October 21st, we had our Family Day with our Dgroup.

There were games...

And prizes!!!

It was a fun-filled day.

So much fun to be with our spiritual family.

Duz started biking from our house in Talipapa Novaliches to his workplace in Roces QC.

One day, I visited him at work. He went home riding his bike while I tried to commute. 

He got home 45 minutes earlier than me. So, it's proven that he gets to work and gets home earlier riding a bike than being stuck in traffic during rush hour. Tipid pa!

One of my achievements this month -- I was able to buy my dream cellphone.

That's my favorite color. 😍 I use basic phone to detox from social media.

Our church discussed a very relevant topic today.

Digital addiction is one of the most concerning things in the modern world today. How do we break the cycle of addiction and start focusing our time, energy and attention on Jesus?
And I think, using a basic phone could really help me lessen my time on the internet.

If interested, you may watch this special message on Youtube.

Duz and I had a special night when Chloe was away during sembreak.

Duz cooked some of our favorite food and we enjoyed dinner at home instead of spending lots of money eating outside.

Another morning, he prepared a sumptuous breakfast.

It's very clear to me that his love language (how he expresses his love for me) is cooking.

We had our 2nd Bible study in our new place. 

After which, we had dinner with our Dgroup (Queens Dgroup).

The following day, I went with Duz to his work.

After his duty, we went to Fisher Mall to meet our Dgroup.

We had separate meetings, all girls vs. all boys.

Our realization, sometimes we need to talk separately. There are some issues we're more comfortable to discuss with "all girls only". 

We went home altogether. Nagkasya sa elevator. 😅

October 26th, I visited my friend - Jen. We discussed some partnership in my business.

That night at work, we had a spezial Zumba party.

On our last weekend, we had another date night at home. This time, we bought some comfort food.

Las Sunday of the month, we attended Sunday service at CCF Nova.

And Dgroup afterwards.

We started book 2 of GLC 1.

So glad to have a spiritual family like this.

On October 30th, we were invited by my sister-in-law at a buffet.

It's the birthday celebration of her partner, Ron.

Over all, it was a tummy-filled, fun-filled and love-tank-filled month. There were some major issues and trials but God has been faithful to us.

How was your October? Hope you had fun.

Stay blessed!