Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Currently, I'm hooked in following Relationship Matters PH. Every Wednesday night at 9 pm, Richard and Maricar go live on their Facebook page to discuss a certain topic about relationships.


Pointers from their vlog:

  • Sometimes, we don't see we're selfish. 
  • We might not realize that we are being unfair.
  • We are not perfectly fair all the time. Our partners will help us see our blind spots.
  • When you've been unfair, talk it out with love and respect. Nobody's perfect.
  • Magandang equalizer: yung ginagawa mo (na sa tingin mo, ok lang), pag binaligtad ba at yung partner mo ang gumawa saiyo niyan, ok pa rin ba sayo?
  • Let's all try to be fair.

My personal opinion:

This is a beautiful reminder. Most of the time, I think Duz is being unfair to me. But now, I realized that there are times I'm the one who's really unfair. 😆😆😆 When we set rules, it should be across the board. For example, bawal makipag-usap or chat sa ex. Di ko pwede yun gawin. Di rin pwedeng gawin ni Duz. "It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself." - Eleanor Roosevelt

How about you? Do you think you're fair?

Kindly join Relationship Matters PH's live tonight at 9 pm.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up: Week 37 of 2018

Sep/15/2018 - Saturday morning, kasagsagan ng bagyo. Akala namen hindi matutuloy ang opening ng office nila Duz. But it pushed thru. 

We had difficulty booking Grab. So, sumugod na kami sa labas hoping na may taxi. Buti na lang may napara si Duz na taxi pero pag sakay pa lang namen, parang gusto na niya kaming ibaba dahil gusto na raw niya umuwi sa pamilya niya. I prayed. Thank God hinatid pa rin niya kami sa aming pupuntahan. We needed to be in the venue at 7 am because Duz had the keys. Sakto naman ang dating namen. 

There was no electricity so the roll up didn't work. They needed to open it manually.  

After the opening prayer, they waited for coming families before the program started.

I took the opportunity to have a photo with Joy Tanchi of Teach with Joy. God has been using her as inspiration to me in terms of my Christian journey, my marriage and motherhood.

It's Homeschool Global Roces' Intro. 

Considering homeschooling and the whole process of deciding is overwhelming so I attended this orientation. Things got clearer now specially the "socialization" aspect. I never thought of homeschooling my kids until the Lord placed it in my heart.

Thank God there were families who braved the storm to attend the event.

It was raining cats and dogs during the program. But it calmed down afterwards.

The kids got busy building things.

I notice kids were not given gadgets to keep them busy, toys instead. 

After the event, we prayed and thank God for His guidance.

And had lunch (pizza, chicken and mojos).

Later, we went to the hub and helped unpacked boxes of books.

While the adults arrange small cabinets.

There was no electricity that time so the kids went outside to catch some air.

Found this very cute Starbucks take out box.

I drank 1 cup of coffee. 😆

Overall, it was a successful opening day. 

We ate in a carinderia and finished a transaction I had online before going home.

Sep/16/2018 - Sunday morning, Duz and I walked in a nearby subdivision and had breakfast.

I ordered kare-kare.

I was satisfied.

Then we went to Mcdo to get a quick fix.

Duz and I had a small fight that morning. And I thanked God we had the time to fix it right away. Kaya napa-date kami.  😁

Lately, I've been complaining about his use of the cellphone. Feeling ko kasi di kami napa-prioritize. He promised to lessen playing on his cellphone especially when we're together at home.

When we got home, we checked the assignment Duz gave Chloe that morning.

We're trying to impose "no cellphone" to Chloe. Instead, she must read or write during her free time. It's not easy. We're still in adjustment period.

We were not able to go to church. We had no water that day. No announcement from Maynilad. That's quiet frustrating pero sabi nga nila pag may mga ganyang bagyo, mag-imbak na ng tubig kasi usually nawawalan bigla ng tubig.

I contacted my friend in the neighboring village if they have water. When she confirmed that they have supply, we went to their house around 3 pm to take a bath.

We have a surprised birthday party for our Dgroup leader and must be in the venue by 6 pm.

Duz and Chloe had mami before going straight to the meeting place.

Everyone was busy preparing the decorations.

The kids behaved while waiting for the birthday celebrator.

There were cake and sweet treats.

And pica-pica. 

We started playing. Actually, it was our first time to try bowling.

Dad's first try.

Strike! 💪

And my turn.

Not bad. 😉

After awhile, we learned that Bro. Man (birthday celebrator) and his family were coming so we got ready.

We're glad he was surprised and he had no idea at all.

We continued playing with the kids.

There were games both for adults and children.

And before people left, the wife (of the birthday celebrator) gave awards. Certificate to recognize people. Ang galing.

And we had photo op.

That's our Dgroup.

It was fun night. Sabi ko nga kay Duz, "You see. Pwedeng magcelebrate ng birthday ng walang inuman. Walang alcohol but same fun."

How was your weekend? I pray you are all safe and dry.

Have you tried bowling? Share your experience.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday Favorites: Week 37 of 2018

Sharing to you my favorites for this week.

Monday, I was on leave. It's was also a rest day for Duz so he accompanied me to Ortigas.

At Mega Mall, we passed by at El Pollo Loco.

Just few days ago, Popcy was telling me about this restaurant.

Sabi ko sakanya, di pa ako nakakain dyan.

Picture na lang muna. 😅

Chloe was amazed at this make up section. I've dreamed of having that kind of vanity mirror in my room.

Chloe and Duz had lunch while I was in a meeting with my cousin.

That was the first time after a long time I've been inside the mall.

To be honest, when I started working at Kinesio (Kingspoint, Novaliches), I cannot remember when was the last time I went to the mall. Work-bahay-work lang ang routine ko. Bihirang bihira akong makalayo. 😆

Ate Lanie is my favorite cousin. 

We are freelance agents of business loans. I am scheduled to get accreditation from another financing company that day. Ate Lanie gave me four clients. We are working hard on those applications and praying -- God willing - all 4 clients be approved.

Tuesday night, Duz cooked creamy tahong.

Yummy! 😋

That night, I sent my story to Relationship Matters PH.

And they shared part of my story on their page. Not everybody agrees to it. Everyone has a story. 

I'm just glad that a lot of people shared the post saying that they can relate and agree to the idea. 

Duz and I talked about it last night. I know not everyone will agree and everyone is entitled to his own opinion. I'm just sharing based on my experience and the experiences of people I know. But I also want to share part of the letter Richard and Maricar shared on their page.

You might not be able to control yung mga damages done by adults, but younger generations are listening to you both.

Somehow, I know this younger generations will change the current Pinoy culture.

Nakakabless po yung effect ng ginagawa nyo sa mga younger generation. 

Wednesday morning, our team surprised our boss who was celebrating his birthday that day.

He was still sleeping when we arrived in their house.

Pero feeling namen, may idea na siya.  😏

We had breakfast.

And I went straight to my duty afterwards.

In the afternoon, our Boss treated us with pizza.

Yesterday, Chloe was with me at work.

She was a bit challenging yesterday. The truth is, raising kids is hard. I don’t always know what to do or how to parent well. Without God’s grace, I will fail daily. But I’m thankful that He covers all my shortcomings.

Before my shift ended, our boss gave us Brazo de Mercedez cups. It's yummy pero di nakakabusog. 😉

Today, we're expecting a typhoon. Thank God, the weather is still calm as of writing.

Please pray for our country and countrymen in the north side of the Philippines. Stay safe and dry.