Friday, January 4, 2019

Looking Back: 2018

I checked on my previous blog posts related to looking back. I know I did few year-end posts but I can't remember when was the last time. I finally found out that I only posted twice.

Looking Back: 2013

Looking Back: 2014

Obviously, 2015 - 2017, I was MIA. 😜

I am regretful for being inconsistent in doing year-end post like this. I envy those bloggers who are so consistent in doing it. When I reviewed those 2 year-end posts (2013 and 2014), it brought so many memories that I treasure in my heart. That pushed me to do a post for 2018. Never mind if it's a bit late.

So here we go -- some of our favorite moment in 2018.


We were at La Union when we celebrated New Year. It was spent with my bestfriend's (Ate Leah) family. 

2nd day of the year, we headed to the beach. The first out of town trip of the year.

On January 6th, we had a simple get together with my cousins on my mom's side.

1st Sunday, we had a marriage counselling with Bro. Paul and Sis. Nora. This couple is a big blessing to us.

2nd week of January, we joined our church's annual prayer and fasting.

2nd weekend, we visited my brother-in-law and pregnant girlfriend.

3rd weekend of January, we got the Ukay-ukay shop offered to us.

January 31, Duz and I went to Baguio to visit my mom in the hospital and assist Pretty during the Panagbenga festival.

We went back to Manila on February 1. Shortest trip ever. I was sick and stayed in the hospital all throughout.


On the 11th, Duz' first niece was born.

On the 14th of February, we celebrated with Duz' relatives on his mother side.

A day after Valentine's, we attended a fellowship at our church.

February 25th was our 10th anniversary as a couple but we didn't have any celebration.


March 11, we celebrated Addie's (our niece)1st monthsary alongside with Kidoy's (my brother-in-law) birthday.

On the 29th, my father-in-law arrived after finishing his contract.


1st day of April, Chloe turned 8. 

We had a simple celebration at home where everyone cooked and baked cakes for our sumptuous dinner.

Her grandpa gifted her a bike.

April 12th, Duz went to his hometown in Nueva Vizcaya to fix his birth certificate.

For few hours, he got to see his relatives.

On the 22nd, we celebrated the 3rd anniversary of our church, CCF Commonwealth.

On the 28th, our company celebrated it's 1st anniversary.

It was also my 31st birthday.

The following day, we celebrated it with a small pool party with my colleagues.

And my in-laws were also there to party with us.


On the 11th, Chloe went to the province with her lolo and lola and got the chance to spend time with Duz' relatives.

Duz and I had a sweet time to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary.

The next day, we had a simple celebration of Mother's Day.

On the 20th, we joined a couples Dgroup. This is an answered prayer for me. 😇

On the 28th, we started selling Mami ni Dadi.

Even our neighbors bought from us.

On the last day of May, Chloe , along with other students graduated from Kinesio's 1st Summer Class.


On the 11th, we had our team photoshoot.

End of June, Duz was back in leche flan business.


1st day of the month, the Estabillo family (all the way from Nueva Vizcaya) visited us. We went to Tagaytay.

And headed to Nasugbu Batangas in the evening. We spent the night near the beach.

The following morning, we left Nasugbu.

We went to Palace in the Sky.

Chloe got the chance to go to The Dessert Museum along with Tita Schan and Yhan-Yhan.

And lastly, we visited Manila Zoo.

It was a short but fun-filled trip.

On the 8th, Duz' cousins from Laguna visited us.

On the 21st, Duz' relatives dropped by at my in-laws house.

On the 28th, we had our team building at Subic.

The next day, we headed back home to Manila.


On the 4th, we officially closed our Ukay-Ukay store.

It was a bittersweet moment for us. We're sad we were not able to keep it. But honestly, it was a relief after closing it. It caused so much stress for all us and giving it up took away a big burden from our shoulders though we are still paying off some business loans up until now. We trust that God has better plans for us.

First Sunday of the month, we were getting a hint that I might be pregnant.

A day after that, it was confirmed!

On the 20th, we had Piyestag Pinoy and Zumba event at work.

On the 25th, I got the chance to see my friend, Eve and her daughters.


First day of the month, we had picnic with few of our friends.

Chloe enjoyed the pool with a a new playmate.

First Sunday, we finished GLC1: Book 1 with our Dgroup.

On the 3rd, Duz started his new job at Homeschool Global.

On the 10th, I had a business partnership with my cousin, Lanie. I got accredited as business loan agent with another financing company.

On the 12th, we surprised our boss on his birthday.

On the 15th, I met Joy T. Mendoza on the opening of Homeschool Global - Roces.

In that event, I learned more about homeschooling.

On the 16th, we surprised our Dgroup leader on his birthday.

It was also our first time to try bowling.

On the 23rd, we attended a marriage retreat in Mt. Makiling Recreation Center. This is also an answered prayer!

It was a 2-day retreat with our Dgroup.

We had renewal of vows as culminating activity.

On the 29th, our team had a training with Coach Brey. 


Chloe got to experience Viking's buffet on her Tito Denmark's birthday.

First weekend, we celebrated it with Denmark's friends at Dionicia's Resort.

On the 14th, Chloe and I went to Cavite to celebrate Kuya Myk's (Ate Lanie's husband) 40th birthday.

She's my closest cousin and I'm present (most of the time) at their family celebrations.

On the 16th, CCF Nova transferred to our permanent location at Crossroad Sangandaan.

So grateful how God has increased the numbers of Bible study attendees.

On the 18th, we attended the apartment blessing here at work.

On the 21st, we had Family day in our Dgroup.

We had fun games and fellowship.

On the 25th, our Dgroup had ladies night out.

Funny, but our husbands were also in the same mall having boys' night out.

And we all went home together. 😆

On the 26th, Kinesio had a Halloween Zumba Party.

On the 29th, we were invited in a buffet. My sister-in-law's boyfriend treated us on his birthday.


On the 1st day o the month, we were able to leave and cleave. This one is a major answered prayer!!!

What made that day extra special was when our Dgroup surprised us.

They brought gifts that we can use as we start from scratch.

Right after that, we went to our Dgroup leader's place to surprise her as an advance celebration of her birthday.

Two surprises in one day!

November 2nd, Duz celebrated his 34th birthday.

We just went to the park early in the morning to pray. We walked from our new apartment to our in-laws house while witnessing the sunrise.

On the 8th, I had my first pelvic ultrasound. 

We told the OB not to mention the gender cause we wanted it to be a surprise.

Mid of the month, our place was celebrating fiesta and it was festive all over the place.

I had my simple way to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

On the last day of the month, our Dgroup went to Dingalan, Aurora. It was our first out of town trip. 


The following day, Descember 1st - we visited Batanes of the East.

On the 5th, CCF Nova held a year-end fellowship.

On the 6th, I met with my girlfriends from Manulife.

On the 8th, we had bayanihan and surprise house visit with our Dgroup members.

On the 9th, we had our Dgroup's Christmas Party.

On the 12th, our ladies Dgroup had a year-end fellowship.

On the 14th, Chloe had their Christmas Party at school.

In the evening, we had our Christmas Party for the members at Kinesio. Our theme was Greek Gods and Goddesses.

On the 16th, Catriona Gray won the Miss Universe pageant.

That evening, we had dinner with my in-laws.

On the 21st, we had feeding program and charity work.

On the 22nd, we had our Staff's Christmas Pajama Party.

We had multiple orders of leche flan few days before Christmas.

On the 24th, we went to my in-laws house to have dinner.

On the 25h, we cooked and feasted while doing movie marathon.

On the 26th, I decided to cut my long and dry hair.

That same night, Duz and I had a year-end review.

On the 28th, Duz' cousin/BFF, Ryan visited us.

He stayed overnight in our small apartment.

On the 30th, we got the chance to spend some time with Pretty. We had our family picture taken, a tradition I want to practice every end of the year.

We closed out the year with staycation --- staycation in my in-laws's house. 😆 Literally, we were just inside the house because of the not-so-good weather. We just watched New Year's countdown on TV and slept right after 12 midnight.

I'm excited to share my 19 in 2019 soon. I really hope I could keep this blog. With the new baby coming soon, it will be a challenge for me to do this but I will try my best.

Wishing you a healthy, happy, and abundant new year. I’ll see you soon! :)